How do I add Meta Tags to my site?

SmartFlex Solutions websites are search engine optimization (SEO) friendly by allowing you to add and update your own Meta tags.  A Meta tag is a way to provide information about a website to the search engines. A description of your site and a list of keywords which indicate the subject matter are often used by the search engines to index their databases. Keep in mind that Meta tags are by no means a guarantee of getting ranked by the search engines but they will help get your website noticed.

To add Meta tags:
- While logged in to the 'flex' edit mode click on the cog icon in the SmartFlex Solutions tool bar in the upper right corner.
- In the pop up window you can add a page title, description and keywords.
- Close the pop up window
- Then click on the Save icon
- Keywords are words of importance that appear on a specific page such as; company name, location or services offered. When you are adding keywords it is important to avoid the use of each keyword multiple times, for instance if your business was Yoga you should add the keywords; yoga instructor, classes, for kids...  NOT; yoga instructor, yoga classes, yoga for kids...    The search engines may penalize for too many instances of the same word, usually four times or more.
- It is a good idea to resubmit your website to the search engines each time you add or update your Meta tags.

Search Engine Submission
    Please be aware that just because you have a website that does not mean that your site will be ranked by the search engines. You must submit your site to the search engines to let them know that your site exists.

To submit your website:
To Yahoo
1. Go to the Yahoo home page:
2. At the very bottom of the page click the link 'Suggest a Site'.
3. On the next page click 'Submit Your Site for Free'.
4. Follow the instructions as to how to set up an account and submit your domain and all your webpages to the Yahoo search engine.

To Google
1. Go to the Google Submit Content page at:
2. Click on 'Add your URL' under the Web heading
3. Enter your URL address, including the http://
6. Enter the security word and Click Add URL
7. Repeat this for each page of your website.

Keep in mind that it may take several weeks for the search engines to register your site.  Also, you should resubmit your web pages whenever you make updates to your site.

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