How do I add a contact list to my webmail?

Creating a Contact List

To separate emails into groups for emailing, all you have to do is create Contact Lists, but this has to be done in Horde, Squirrel Mail does not have this capability. You can name the contact list anything you want. This may be a little time consuming if you already have several emails.

To do this:
1. Log in to your email and go to Horde.
2. Click on the Search icon that is along the top tool bar.
3. Enter a name or email that you want to add to a contact list.
4. A new view should come up with the names or emails that match what you entered. There is a small box next to each entry. Click on the box for each entry you want added to the contact list. If you want all the entries entered in the contact list, click on the very top box, which will mark all the rest.
5. Under all the entries there is a line with a drop down menu that says Add to Contact List. Click on the arrow to see the menu.
6. Choose Create a New Contact List by high-lighting In My Address Book.
7. Click on Add (just to the left of the drop-down menu). An new window will pop up.
8. Name the new contact list and click okay.
9. Your contact list has been created. Now all you need to do is add the rest of the names to the contact list. Follow steps 2 through 5. Instead of creating a new contact list, just choose the one you have created.

When you want to send to a specific list:
1. Click on the Mail Icon
2. Click on New Message
3. Type in the Subject of the email.
4. Go to the Address Book Icon (below the To:, Cc, Bc, etc) Click on it. Another window will pop up.
5. Choose the Contact List you would list to mail to. Then click on To, Cc or Bc, depending on how you want it sent.
6. Click on OK. Now the emails will appear in the top address area.
7. Type your message and then click on Send.

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