How do I send/compose a message in Squirrel Mail?

Composing a message

1.  Login to your Squirrel Mail Inbox
2.  Choose Compose from the options listed in the tool bar the top of your screen.
3.  Fill in the To: line with the address you wish to send to. Enter the correct email address for the recipient of your message. To enter multiple recipients, separate the email addresses with commas. Use of any other punctuation to separate multiple email addresses will result in an error.

Note: Cc: Carbon copies are usually sent to recipients who need not be the direct recipients of the message, but may need to receive the message for their information, usually indirectly concerned about the subject of the email. All "To:" recipients and "Cc:" recipients can see the entire list of both kinds of recipients. Bc: Blind carbon copies are usually sent to recipients who may need to read what is being written WITHOUT the other recipients knowing that they are receiving the email. Thus "blind" means that the identity of these recipients is hidden from all other recipients of the email. Only you the sender and the "Bcc" recipients will know that they received a copy.

4. Enter the subject of the email in the Subject line (this is what the recipient will see in their inbox). It is best to keep the subject short, simple and descriptive. The subject line is the easiest way for you and your correspondents to remember what was in the email, thus is very important in organizing your email and finding important ones later. Also, when you "Reply" or "Forward" an email, this subject line is copied over into the new message so that is becomes a valuable way of identifying which messages go together to form a "thread" to an email conversation. As a suggestion, if a replied or forwarded message contains new ideas, you may want to alter slightly the "Subject" line so that recipients can follow the progression of the "thread".
5. Type your message in the large message box
6. Click on Send to send the message.

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